Click To Find Out Which £10 Mascara Beyonce Wore To Coachella

You’ve probably heard about Beyonce’s career peaking performance at Coachella this week, and of course people are going mad for her beauty look, including how she did THAT magical nail change, but we also wanted to know how to get her beyutiful eye makeup.

Like Kim Kardashian, even though Beyonce is a multi millionaire, it doesn’t mean she’s not partial to the super affordable beauty brands that we all know and love.

Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist has just revealed the beauty products he used on Bey for one of the biggest performances of her career so far, and the mascara he used turned out to be by a well known brand that we can all find on the highstreet for under a tenner!

The makeup artist told Refinery that he wanted the look to be effortless and that he “wanted her to look like a college girl on campus,” so opted for L’Oreal’s £9.99 mascara.

We think if it’s good enough for Queen Bey, then it’s good enough for us too!

Now we’re off to get our mitts on this gorgeous rose gold mascara and unleash our inner Beyonce.


Image: Beyonce on Instagram
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