The Co-op Is Selling A Four Pack Budweiser & Two Pizza Meal Deal For Just A Fiver!

The World Cup is almost upon us, and it seems the supermarkets are battling to bring us the top food and drink offers to help us football fans get prepared for the biggest sporting event of the year.

The Co-op has brought out a fantastic food offer ready for this weekend, and it’s perfect for pizza lovers and World Cup get-together’s.

Right now the supermarket is offering its customers two share-size pizza’s, plus a four pack of Budweiser beer for just £5!

The bundle would usually cost shoppers £10.58, meaning that with the deal you’ll be saving a fantastic 52%.

Image: Co-op/ The Sun

There are two classic pizza’s to choose from including Double Pepperoni and Margherita flavours. If they seem a bit too plain for you, but you still want to grab yourself a bargain, you can always add some more toppings to enjoy the deal fully.

The offer is set to go live on the 13th June (tomorrow) and will last up until the 10th July.

Co-op/ The Sun

Unfortunately the offer isn’t available in stores in Scotland, and if you live in Ireland, the offer will instead include a 4 pack of Coca Cola rather than the Budweiser.

So if you fancy getting your World Cup food sorted for you and your mates this weekend, you won’t want to miss out on this bargain deal!

Images: Co-op/ The Sun
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