The Co-op Is selling One Of The World’s Best Vodka’s & It’s Under £13!

If vodka is your chosen tipple when the weekend comes around, you’ll definitely want to give this one from the Co-op a whirl!

The supermarket’s own-brand vodka has been voted as one of the best in the world with industry professionals rating it at as highly as premium brands including Belvedere, which will set you back £25 more.

Experts took a blind taste test rating their favourites as they voted that the Co-op’s offering was one of the tipples topping the list.

What makes it taste even better though is the fact that it is a super affordable £12.49 per 70cl bottle.

So, if you fancy treating yourself to a more luxury vodka but can’t really afford to break the bank, the Co-op is where it’s at!

Image: The Co-op/ The Sun
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