Coca Cola Have Launched Strawberry Diet Coke!

The Twisted Strawberry Diet Coke has taken the world by storm, literally.

Coca Cola, known for their super innovative flavors of drinks that range from Vanilla Coke to Caffeine Coca Cola, have launched Strawberry Diet Coke and we’re here for it.

Forget us for a second, even Twitter users seem to love the new flavour and it’s quite hilarious;

The new flavour is available at all major supermarkets and you can buy 1.25l for £1 at some of the stores (Morrisons and Sainsbury’s).

You can buy the drink in 330ml cans, four 330ml multipack cans, or 500ml or 1.25litre bottles.

The zero-calorie flavour has been launched in America for some time but has finally launched in the UK and here at Ashleigh, we’re loving the twist on Diet Coke.

Does this strawberry flavour tickle your tastebuds? Let us know!

Image: Diet Coke



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