Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights - 4pcs

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Fancy enhancing the atmosphere in your outdoor space to make get-togethers and romantic summer nights in the garden even more special? Why not add some mood lighting?

This set of Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights is a safe way of enjoying the warm glow of candles or a campfire without the risk of burns or damage to your outdoor space. Powered by a rechargeable solar battery, these lights will run effectively for 8-10 hours, and  turn on automatically at night and off at dawn - talk about clever! They’re super easy to set up! Simply push them into the ground in a spot that gets good sunlight and Bob’s your uncle! No complicated wiring needed! Whether you place them sporadically or line your walkway with them, you’re sure to get a garden full of cosy luminosity! 

  • These waterproof Solar Lights can withstand all sorts of changing British weather.
  • Charged via the sunlight through the day.
  • Automatic turn on and off. 
  • Run from 8-10 hours on full charge. 
  • No tools or wiring required for set up!

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