20-in-1 Fitness Tracker Smart Watch - 3 Colours!

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On a health kick and want to accurately track your progress? This nifty and affordable Fitness Tracker Smart Watch has got you covered! 

From the gym to your daily steps, accurately monitor your evolution to better health with heart, blood, and oxygen monitoring, exercise distance and pedometer, calorie consumption and so much more! Drink and sedentary reminders will help to keep you on track too. It’ll even push through important SMS, WhatsApp, and social media notifications so you don’t have to pause your workout to check your phone messages. It really is a fitness essential! 

  • Splash proof 
  • Smart alarm clock, find bracelet, remote camera and sleep monitoring features. 
  • Large built-in battery, 2 hour quick charge with 7 day operation, super long 15 day standby.  
  • Comfortable replaceable band. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Choose between Black, Red, and Blue colours. 

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