Electronic Acupuncture Massage Pen

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Struggling with muscle pain and in need of a natural remedy? This Electronic Acupuncture Massage Pen will do the trick! 

Working on your powerful meridian lines, this pen stimulates your acupuncture points to correct imbalances using vibration, imitating the same traditional elements of acupuncture without piercing the skin for effective pain relief. It’s easy and safe to use. Simply target your meridian lines and feel the relief as the Massage Pen works its magic.

It includes 3 interchangeable heads; Dome for superficial therapy, Node for partial body pains, and a Spheroidal type for quick relief of pain. This sophisticated piece of wellness equipment is sure to alleviate those niggles in the muscles, joints, and nerves in no time! 

  • Based on traditional acupuncture, the pen corrects imbalances to enhance health and relieve pain. 
  • Safe and easy to use with no side effects. 
  • Three head types included - Dome (for superficial therapy for health care and facial beautification), Node (for partial body pains), and Spheroidal (for quickly alleviating pain). 
  • Energises and smoothes the meridians through stimulation and vibration. 
  • Alleviates muscle, joint and nerve pain. 
  • Enhances the immune system. 
  • Strong feeling on acupoints which will release after use. 

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