Magnetic Ball Curtain Tiebacks

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Do your curtains always appear a little limp and lifeless when you open them on a morning?

Make your curtains into a real feature with these nifty Magnetic Ball Curtain Tie Backs! No more staring at untidy curtains that you can never seem to get quite right. Grab these stylish curtain ties, snap the magnets together and watch your curtains perform a perfectly stylish drape. Choose from a range of versatile colours to pair with your decor too. No more staring at unsightly curtains for hours on end again thanks to these easy peasy ties!

  • A stylish way to tie back curtains and super easy to use. 
  • Made from: 55% polyester yarn, 15% plastic, and 30% metal.
  • Length:45-50cm
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Colours to choose from: Grey, White, Pink, Brown, Light Yellow

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