Aroma Essential Oil Electric Humidifier

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Need to inject some zen into your busy life? This Aroma Essential Oil Electric Humidifier will do the trick!

If you’re constantly feeling dead on your feet, this calming humidifier will ensure that you have a more restful night's sleep with its ability to relieve mental stress and insomnia. It works by keeping the air in your room purified and moisturised, so you can wave goodbye to pesky germs, dry air, and skin. Its colour changing LED lights add a peaceful atmosphere to any room and create an environment perfect for switching off. What are you waiting for? It’s time to chill. 

  • Provides a restorative environment at work or at home. 
  • 130ml water capacity and up to 5 hours operation time. 
  • Auto shut-off feature. 
  • LED lights provide an atmospheric display.  

Estimated delivery: 10 - 14  working days