Electric Weed Burner

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Sick and tired of ugly weeds ruining your patio? This Electric Weed Burner will attack relentless weeds in no time!

This nifty tool gets rid of those pesky weeds just like magic - without the need for harmful chemicals! No more back breaking work on your hands and knees clearing your driveways, patios, and garden spaces. This long handled gadget concentrates the heat directly on the weed with no damage to surrounding areas and no tricky gas canisters to be seen! 

  • Removable handle for easy storage.
  • More eco friendly than gas canisters. 
  • Specially designed cone targets heat directly onto the weed with no damage to surrounding areas. 
  • Two heat settings: 60°C and 650°C.
  • 1.8m cable. 
  • 230v-50Hz 2000W.

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