Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne

Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne

If you’re local then you MUST pay them a visit. I have 3 reviews in here now from each big change I’ve had made with them, it’s well worth checking out them all…

Did you know Collective Hairdressing is rated 2nd in the BEST salon in the UK?! It is the Number.1 salon in Newcastle upon Tyne too!

Are you one of those people who go to the hairdressers and get the same style over and over again because you’re frightened of change? Then when you do go for a dramatic change you don’t like it? Or maybe you just wake up and think the only thing that will fix your hair today is a Bic razor?

Yep, I’ve been there – I have suffered from them all.

I visit Newcastle Hair and Beauty in Newcastle upon Tyne usually once a month and I had noticed the hairdressers on the first floor, which is actually called Collective Hairdressing, but I hadn’t paid them a visit.

A couple of months ago I had a MAJOR hair disaster. I didn’t like the colour and my hair just looked so limp and lifeless, I could have cried. So when Susan from Newcastle Hair and Beauty told me it was time to get some professional hair help from Paul who is the owner of Collective Hairdressing, I agreed.

4 A faded ombre left the ends of my hair looking like a rusty nail.

If you’re a new customer to Collective Hairdressing you can get 50% off your first visit so this was a bonus (See the image at the end of this post for the vouchers).

I got booked in with Paul and we had a good 15-minute consultation before we got started. We discussed the look and colour I was going for, what colour would suit my very pale skin, what my hair worries were etc – He even got me to demonstrate how I washed my hair and it turns out I wasn’t helping my oily locks – I was actually making them worse (I have taken on board his advice and since then my hair has been much less oily so he knows his stuff!)

We got started and on went the colour.

We then got started on the cut. As I have limp hair that just seems to hang and have no volume I wanted him to help fix that. He changed my parting, cut some layers in, gave me a sweeping fringe and then showed me how to blow dry like an expert.

The result was UNREAL – I absolutely LOVED my hair. It was the first time I ever left a hair salon and was chuffed to bits with the result.

Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne The result. Healthy looking ombre which was a natural looking brown and blond ends.

Fast forward a couple of months and my colour was starting to grow out, I couldn’t be bothered to keep up the sweeping fringe look – Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fringe but when you’re just wanting a hair up kind up day, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So I decided to head back to Collective Hairdressing and treat myself to another transformation.

Paul was super busy and in high demand so I couldn’t see him, the rest of the team were fully booked but luckily Jade managed to squeeze me in.

Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne This photo was taken 2 days before I visited Collective Hairdressing again. It wasn’t ‘bad’ but it was long overdue some maintenance.

Again I went through the kind of look I wanted but minus the fringe and how I wanted to keep the ombre look that Paul had done last time. Jade is also highly skilled so you feel is safe hands with her. Did you know, Paul actually trained Jade from leaving school?

As I always straighten my hair Jade offered to curl it for me a little to show me how it can give me a more volume instantly. It was different but nice different, and I am going to start wearing it like that myself on (rare) nights out.

Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne The result.

2 I loved the curl look and the natural colour.

So now it’s 2017 and I feel the need to change my hair, again, what woman doesn’t?!

My hair wasn’t bad, the collective team have been maintaining it perfectly for me but I just felt as though I needed to do something different with it.

Also, Paul had been telling me about Smart Bond. It is a special treatment for your hair (which can also be mixed in with the colouring solution to give the best final result) which gives you stronger, healthier looking hair with an incredible shine. I NEEDED to try this so I got myself booked in with Paul and we got to work choosing colours. I went with a darker brown and he said ‘hair contouring’ was a big thing right now and gives the best finish – who knew hair contouring was even a thing?! So we chose a nice natural blonde to contour my hair.

For the cut, I had decided I wanted to grow my hair out. My sister has the most amazing long hair and she inspired me a bit. We opted to go for a cut which is longer at the front than the back, but when you pull the hair around the back it’s all the same length – this looked like a very clever skill but Paul managed it perfectly!

The final result was better than I expected, check out that shine!

Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne


Collective Hairdressing Newcastle upon Tyne

So if you haven’t visited Collective Hairdressing I highly recommend you do, the team are fantastic and the knowledge these guys have is unreal.

I finally feel as though I have found my hair salon for life.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 15.53.54

If you pay them a visit, be sure to tell them I sent you! 😀
To see my before and after transformation by Newcastle Hair and Beauty, click here.

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