Comping, Are You On To A Winner?

I am asked this question a lot ‘Comping, are you on to a winner? Is it worth all the time?’

I’d love to know what competitions you have won over the years…

Comping is a term used by people who dedicate time entering as many competitions they possibly can. Comping is a hobby for a lot of people who can enter 1000’s of competitions a week!

I’m sure we’ve all seen the headlines that say ‘Young mum wins over £50,000 worth of prizes this year’ and wonder how on earth they got so lucky – these are compers and spend a lot of time entering.

So, just how can you get involved and is it worth it?

I definitely think it is worth giving it a try, whether you want to do it to such an extreme as others is totally up to you, It depends how much time you have to spare to get involved.

Knowing where to look is key to getting a fantastic prize. I myself have ran a competition every week throughout 2016 and gave over £15,000 worth of prizes away.

Not only is it a fantastic way to reward your followers for their support, it is a great way to gain some new followers.

Many companies do give aways on their social media page and websites. 

You will also find other compers listing competitions they find on certain prize finding websites which always come in handy…

The Prize Finder



Some of my top tips to get involved would be…

  • Create a new email address especially for your competition entries. A huge portion of competitions require email sign up and you could get thousands of companies newsletters and offers into your inbox every day.
  • Make a separate Facebook profile to enter competitions as some Facebook competitions require you to ‘share’ a post to be in with your chance of winning, believe me, your friends don’t want to see 50 shared posts every hour where you’re trying to win something – However, sharing a Facebook post in order to win a competition is actually against Facebooks T&C’s and the company could see their accounts closed down for asking people to share in order to win a prize!
  • Make a separate Twitter account for the same reason above, I hate scrolling through Twitter and seeing RT after RT of competition entries – I know I’m not alone.

Can I make a living from comping?

No, but, someone has to win the competition and why shouldn’t it be you? However, don’t get your hopes up.

The more competitions you enter, the more likely you are to win so it is worth a try.

Some of the prizes you can win differ so much in value so don’t give up hope if all you win in the next few weeks is a sticker album, you may win something even bigger and better in the future.

I wouldn’t call myself a comper but I do like to enter the occasional competition. I always enter The Gadget Show text to win competition because of the prize bundle – it is out of this world! In the past I have won free meals out, a family holiday including all the local attraction tickets, my sitting room decorated while being put up in the Hilton hotel and many more smaller prizes.

Try and only enter competitions with a prize you would actually like to win, a lot of people frown upon the prizes later being sold on eBay because they didn’t actually want the prize anyway.

What if it looks too good to be true?

Then it usually is – but I have proven a few times that that isn’t always the case.

If you are in any doubt that a website is legit, use a website such as Scam Advisor to see the trust rating of the website, how long it has been running, what country it is based in etc.

There are a lot of Facebook scam competitions out there too and you can see all my tips on how to avoid them, here.

I hope this helps you get into comping as it is always a great feeling to win a prize, especially if it’s a big prize. Let me know what you have won in the past 🙂

Good luck!

Remember to keep an eye on my Facebook page, Ashleigh Money Saver, for our weekly competitions and our less frequent large prize competitions.

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