Confused by Broadband Ads? You’re not alone…

Broadband Ads are misleading and must change

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that from October Broadband providers have to make sure their adverts are very clear about costs and contract lengths after more than 80% of customers were unable to calculate the total cost of a broadband contract when asked to do so.

With such confusion surrounding the ads TalkTalk has said it will scrap separate line rental charges to help make it’s costs more transparent.

To make sure that broadband providers stay in the new rules ASA recommends that future ads show all-inclusive, upfront and monthly costs with no more separating out of the line rental. They need to give greater prominence to the contract length and any post-discount pricing, and they need to give more prominence to upfront costs.

ASA have said that their new, tougher approach has been developed to make sure consumers are no longer mislead and have all the information they need to choose the best package for them.

TalkTalk has promised to lead the way and called on other providers to follow suit – protecting the consumer and not pushing them into misleading deals that hide extra charges.

I don’t know about you but whenever i need to change provider i always get confused so i think this has to be for the best.

If you’re looking for a good clear deal then i think you could do worse than check out what TalkTalk have on offer right now – it does seem to be the clearest i can find. If you can find better please let me know in the comments section below or in our Facebook page.

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