Confusing sunscreen labelling could be putting us at risk!

Confusing sunscreen labelling could be putting us at risk!

There seems to be lots of confusion when it comes to figuring out what kind of protection individual suncreams give us. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has discovered that just 8% of Brits understand the UK’s ‘complicated sunscreen labelling system. 

ITV news have reported : ”There are two types of harmful sun rays, and a high SPF only protects people from UVB. A separate star rating measures protection from UVA rays – but almost nobody in a survey of 2,000 adults was aware of this.


Prof Jayne Lawrence, chief scientists at RPS, called for a new, “easy to understand” rating, as there is “a huge amount of confusion around sunscreen labelling”.


This revelation comes after it was recently revealed that lots of big brand sun creams are actually failing protection tests which makes me wonder how much we really know about the sun care products we are buying and how much protection they are actually giving us in the sun.

It has been suggested that there should be a new easy to understand rating to help avoid confusion about SPF and UVA ratings because as it stands, Brits aren’t realising that a product with a high SPF rating might not necessarily give good all-round protection.

If manufacturers were to provide one easy to understand rating based  on a simple description of the total amount of sun protection offered  such as low, medium, high and very high protection. 

CLICK HERE to find out which big brand sun creams are failing sun protection tests.

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