Cool new Facebook feature

Cool new Facebook feature

Because ‘likes’ are so yesterday!

Do you use Facebook messenger? I love it for its ability to have a group chat with your friends, it is much easier to make group get togethers and plans when you’re all in one group.

You can press the thumbs up button to ‘like’ something someone has just said in the message but did you know you can now change the thumbs up button to something else?

You can’t do this on desktop but you can change it on a mobile device (It will then change your thumbs up button on your desktop chat too) and it also changes for everyone in the group.

So, head onto one of your message chats on Facebook messenger…

Cool new Facebook feature On one of your chats, press the icon which is in the top right corner, the circle with the ‘i’ in the middle.

Then select ’emoji’

Cool new Facebook feature Select one of the emojis to replace the thumbs up sign.

Cool new Facebook feature All done, easy peasy!

Now instead of giving the thumb, you can send a heart, kiss and much more!

Feel free to pass this on to your friends…

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