The Latest Coronavirus Supermarket Shopping Restrictions

Supermarkets in the UK have announced shopping restrictions to prevent customers bulk buying items. Here’s everything you need to know, from the latest rules to which items are being rationed.


  • Customers have been limited to purchasing a maximum of three of any one grocery product, but only two of any in-demand item such as toilet roll, soap, and long life milk.
  • The first hour of Sainsbury’s store openings are limited access to over-70’s and vulnerable shoppers. Those shoppers will also be provided with priority access to online delivery slots.
  • The supermarket will be closing all its cafes, as well as meat, fish, and pizza counters.


  • There’s now a three item limit across items in food, toiletry, and cleaning departments.
  • Non-essential areas of the supermarket such as cafes and food counters will be closed. This is so supermarkets can use these spaces to hold additional stock.
  • 24 hour stores will no longer be open for that length of time. These stores will now be closed between midnight and 6am to allow for stock replenishment.
  • Non-contact delivery is being offered to customers who are self isolating. Items will be left on the customers’ doorstep.


  • Tesco will be closing 24 hour stores between 10pm and 6pm to allow for stock replenishment.
  • Items are limited to a maximum of three per customer, across the whole product range sold in Tesco.
  • The supermarket is implementing special restrictions across toilet paper, anti-bac wipes, and paracetamol.
  • You can no longer shop online via the Tesco app.


  • There’s a limit of four items per customer for high demand products. This includes cleaning items, pasta, rice, and tinned goods.


  • Customers can only buy four items of the same product per visit.
  • The budget supermarket are donating £250,000 to Age UK to “support those who may not be able to get to our stores”.


  • Morrisons will be hiring 3,500 additional staff to help with demand for home delivery services.
  • They are also launching a customer call centre for orders to be placed via phone call, for those who do not use online shopping.

Marks and Spencer

  • Marks and Spencer will be moving staff from Clothing and Home teams to work in their food departments.
  • The supermarket has also launched a contact-free home delivery service.


  • Iceland stores are opening two hours early on Wednesday mornings, so elderly people and vulnerable people can shop easier.

We’ll keep updating this article as and when we find out more news!

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