Correcting our bad driving habits could save us a fortune!


Correcting our bad driving habits could save us a fortune!

According to research by Barclaycard Fuel+ motorists can save 10% in petrol bills with a more sensible approach to driving!

There are lots of small changes you can make to your every day driving which could help you make big savings on your petrol in the long run. One of the biggest offences for wasting fuel is over revving and riding the clutch, something most drivers are guilty of!
Car owners are said to be burning 636 million extra litres of fuel through poor skills!

So what exactly are the changes that you could be making in order to save yourself a fortune? Well simple things such as not leaving your car engine running when waiting to pick up a friend or relative can make a big difference and also turning the air con off can increase your fuel efficiency.


The research by Barclaycard Fuel+ has also found that British drivers are spending £700 million a year on their fuel bills, money that could easily be saved if they drove more efficiently. It has also been stated that 60%  of drivers said their priority when getting into their car is thinking about their route and not the most economical way for them to drive.

So if you want to save money and also do your bit for the environment by cutting down on your petrol consumption, follow these ten tips for improving your bad driving habits and improve your carbon footprint!

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– Use the handbrake when waiting at traffic lights and in traffic jams rather than using the clutch and accelerator.

– Use up-to-date mapping tools to plot the most fuel-effective route for your journey.

– Refrain from using air conditioning or heating unless you really need it.

– Ensure that you are driving in the right gear.

– Remove roof racks and roof boxes when they aren’t required.

– Ensure that you’ve checked your tyres are inflated to the proper pressure.

– Try to keep the sun roof and windows closed.

– Use cruise control whenever it is appropriate to do so.

– Don’t accelerate up to lights or traffic when you know you’re going to have to break.

– Drive along roads with speed bumps smoothly to avoid unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.

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