Costa Coffee’s Famous Babyccinos Are Now FREE!

Costa Coffee have announced that their famous Babyccinos are now FREE!

The drink popular with parents used to be priced at 55p, but now Costa Coffee are no longer charging for the tasty treat.

Babyccinos are made from lightly frothed milk and served in a mini coffee cup. As the name suggests, the drink is perfect to give little ones to help them feel included in the coffee shop experience.

The free variation of the Babyccino is simply a cup of lightly frothed milk. If parents want to treat their child, paying an additional 45p turns the Babyccino into a ‘Mini Hot Chocolate’, complete with a chocolate flake and marshmallows.

If your little one has an allergy to dairy or another product, no fear! All of Costa Coffee’s milk variations can be turned into a Babyccino.

Why not treat your kid to a Babyccino this weekend? ☕️

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