Costa Is Now Doing A Meal Deal For Less Than £5!

Love a coffee trip to Costa on your break but are on a bit of a budget when it comes to food? Well the famous chain has now introduced a yummy meal deal for under a fiver! But there’s a catch…

The famous coffee shop has revealed that it will now be providing its customers with a new lunchtime meal deal which can be bought for under a fiver, which is great for if you’re trying to save some pennies on your dinner break.

The deal includes a toastie, hot drink, and snack for just £4.95.

The trio would normally cost a pricier £7.15, so you’ll be saving £2.20 buying through the meal deal.

Image: Costa

There are two toasties to choose from including ham & cheese and cheese & onion.

Snack wise there’s a choice between crisps, popcorn, and fresh fruit.

You’ll also be able to add on your favourite hot drink of choice too, though you won’t be able to get it in large.

Unfortunately, there is a catch with the offer as it’s only available between 11am and 2pm, so you’ll have to make sure you go and get yours within that time.

With only two toasties in the deal to choose from, which both include cheese, there’s not a great choice, but if you love the filling, it’s a fantastic deal for you!

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