Could this app beat the child obesity crisis?

Could this app beat the child obesity crisis?

The government are making a serious effort to clamp down on children’s sugar intake as it is revealed that lots of British children are consuming their body weight in sugar each year.

A new app has now been launched in a bid to help educate people on how much hidden sugar they are actually consuming. The app will allow users to scan the barcodes of products and get an instant reading of how much sugar they contain.

According to the PHE, the maximum daily amounts of added sugar for children are:

5 cubes – 4-6 year olds

6 cubes – 7-10 year olds

7 cubes – 11+ year olds

Not all parents are impressed with the new campaign, with some complaining that the government should do something about the growing number of fast food eateries opening on high streets, and also the lack of exercise caused by the ‘PlayStation generation’.

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