Could You Be Entitled To A Payout From Sky?

Sky have started a recycling scheme to encourage you to be kind to the environment

So could you be entitled to a payout from Sky?

Thank you Charlotte for letting us know about this!

The email Charlotte received reads…

”We want to recycle equipment to be kind to the environment and help provide greater value to customers who require replacement items. In fact, we’d like to let you know that you may be entitled to claim a reward for returning your unused Sky equipment.

 As you used to have Sky you may find that you have an old Sky Box or Broadband Hub lying around gathering dust. If your equipment is eligible for a reward under our returns scheme you can return it to us for free and could receive a voucher of up to £20 depending on the model and condition of your equipment, just to say thanks for returning these items to us.”

 So, what do I need to do?

 To check whether your Sky Box or Hub is eligible for this reward, click here and follow the on-screen instructions. If it is, you will need to have the equipment to hand so that they can capture some details from you when booking in your return.

So there you have it guys, thanks to Charlotte, we may all be able to claim a few ££’s from Sky… Better in our pocket!


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