Could you be risking your life for energy drinks?

Could you be risking your life for energy drinks?

This comes after a man died from his energy drinking intake…

How many people do you know who struggle to get through their day without at least one energy drink? There are hundreds of versions on the market, and lots of my own friends often start their day with one. But did you know that there can be a dark side to these energy drinks? Many people are taking major risks to their health by consuming more than 3 a day without even realising.
Energy drinks have already been banned from primary schools AND secondary schools, but as another young man from Australia has died from drinking four daily, doctors are now warning that people should be drinking no more than two caffeinated drinks per day!



The 35-year-old truck driver suffered a massive heart attack and died from caffeine toxicity. People don’t realise that the quantity you have and the amount of caffeine you drink as a consequence will absorb into your body and be quite significant such as causing sudden death!

The two cups a day rule is in place because the body is just not made to take that sheer capacity of toxic levels of chemicals which is something people should be made aware of.

Although they may give you more energy, is it really worth the side effects of elevated heart rates, hypertension, anxiety, headaches, interrupted sleep patterns and even heart attacks?

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