Could you be spending MORE by holidaying in Britain?

Could you be spending MORE by holidaying in Britain?

More and more Britons are planning to save money by holidaying within the UK this year and according to The Mirror, they could end up spending a lot more than those who choose to go abroad!

Cost seems to be the most important factor that families take into consideration when booking their holidays and people feel like they’re getting the best deals by staying within our own country, however we may have been wrong.

Shane Forster fromVoucherbox told The Mirror: “We have been surprised to see just how expensive it can be for those holidaying in the UK rather than venturing abroad. With the amount of travel deals and cheap flights that are available online, you are very likely to be able to grab a getaway somewhere sunny and end up saving money overall. 

They said that on average a night in a UK hotel costs £65.22 whereas a night in a hotel in the Med costs as little as £42.50 and an average Brit can expect to spend more than £116 a day entertaining the full family on a UK holiday but can do it for as little a £63 abroad.’

Three Britons in four are planning on staying in the UK this Summer but they may not be getting as good of a deal as they think!

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