Could your benefits be affected by a migrant tax credit ban?

Could your benefits be affected by a migrant tax credit ban?

The Government is currently trying to put a stop to EU migrants being able to claim tax credits, but if the ban goes ahead, there’s a risk that young Brits could be largely affected as well.

A BBC report has stated that the Conservative Government is trying to negotiate a deal where EU migrants aren’t able to claim benefits for four years. Lawyers have warned that this could break EU law. In order to get around this, it has been reported that the government are also looking at cutting out all Brits aged 18 as well

Although no definite arrangements have been put in place just yet, the plans could affect the amount of working tax credits claimed by working Brits. The Mirror has reported:

‘The Tories are trying to cut benefits to new EU migrants. Actually, EU migrants are LESS likely to claim benefits than Brits – but it gives the Tories the chance to look tough on immigration. But there’s a spanner in the works.

The BBC has seen a letter from Government lawyers telling the Tories their plan is “direct discrimination” breaking EU law. It reports the Government has drawn up plans that will affect EVERYONE applying for tax credits – Brits included. Under the new plans, you can only claim tax credits if you’ve been living in the UK for four years. The test would apply from the age of 18 – so if you’re under 22, you could lose out on tax credits.’


It has been estimated that up to 55,000 Brits could be affected by this and most of who have children.

CLICK HERE to read the full EU migrant tax credit ban article.

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