Could your pet’s collar be causing them harm?

Could your pet’s collar be causing them harm?

Does your pet wear a collar? Well I have just seen an RSPCA article that I think lots of you pet owners could find useful.

The RSPCA have recommended that pet owners STOP using collars on their cats after they’ve noticed a rise in injuries caused by buckles on collars.

The RSPCA’s Jason Finch told the Mail Online: “Buckles and elasticated collars can be lethal if cats get stuck somewhere.

“This serves as an important reminder to only use collars which snap open without human help.

“It is all very well dressing your cat up in a diamante collar so they look nice – but owners also have a responsibility to make sure their animals are safe.”


Cats have been found with infected wounds left from collars and suffering from deadly flystrike, which occurs when maggots make themselves at home inside the cuts.

The RSPCA now recommends that animal lover microchip their pets instead of using collars with name tags.

Dogs are required to wear a collar, whereas pet owners can decide whether or not they want their cats collared.

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