Council to spend more than £12,000 on smart phones

Council to spend more than £12,000 on smart phones

This move by Newcastle City Council isn’t going down well at all, even I am extremely annoyed. See why here…

Newcastle City Council have confirmed it will be buying smartphones for 50 traffic wardens priced at £250, making a total of £12,500.

The smartphones will replace obsolete hand held devices along with replacing wardens cameras used to snap freshly issued parking tickets.

It was only last year the Newcastle Council caused uproar after all 78 city councillors were bought tablet computers setting the authority back in the region of £35,000.

This move has annoyed me a lot or local residents, including me. The council are currently making cut backs, and they have cut social care spends which has resulted in lots of elderly and disabled people losing out, including my Grandma.

My Grandma is very unwell and she has spent a while in hospital. When she was in hospital she was promised regular help around her home, aids to help her move around inside her home etc but now the cuts have come into force all of that has gone. Luckily she has a good family around her to help her but what about the others that don’t?

Surely smartphones shouldn’t take priority over the care of elderly and disabled people in their city?

Have your local council done anything similar? Get intouch and let me know…

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