Covering your baby’s pram could put their life at risk!

Covering your baby’s pram could put their life at risk!

This was a big topic of conversation last year when Closer magazine first published their findings online, but there has been another warning put in place since the weather is getting warmer.

This is an extremely sensitive subject, but an important one none the less and could potentially save a life which is why I’d like to spread the word!
Child experts have warned mothers against covering their baby’s pram with a blanket to shield them from the  sun as it could be potentially fatal to babies.

This is something some parents have done to keep our babies shaded from the sun and hopefully cool them down. However, research has shown that this decreases the level of air circulation inside the pram and increases its heat level up to a huge 40 degrees – this could be extremely harmful!


Closer magazines expert reported: ‘The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is dramatically increased when a young baby is exposed to intense heat – which means that, while many parents believe they are sheltering their children from the sun, they could actually be placing their offspring in more danger.’

I think every parent should be made aware of these dangers in the hope that this practice is abandoned! Parents are strongly advised to place the pram in the shade rather that covering it with towels or thin blankets.
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