Cracked Apple screen? Could you be owed compensation?

Cracked iPhone screen? Could you be owed compensation?

Apple have now changed their claims that their products are impact-resistant after one man has won a court battle against them following his Apple watch screen cracking just 10 days after he’d bought it.

I know lots of people will be shocked at Apple’s claims that their products are impact resistant. The amount of people I’ve seen walking around with cracked iPhone screens is ridiculous.


What are your rights if your screen smashes? 

Apple originally told their customer that they would replace his watch under guarantee, however they later changed their mind after seeing photographs of the damage.

Your Apple product is covered under warranty if there are ‘defects in materials and workmanship’. You won’t be covered if the damage is caused by yourself, for example if you knock it or drop it then you won’t be covered.

Apple must prove It’s your fault

If your product is under six months old then Apple must be able to prove that the damage is is your fault, if they aren’t able o do that then they must offer you a refund or exchange. This rule applies no matter what the warranty is.

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Online & In-store 

If you bought your product online and your purchase turns up damaged then you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act that states all sellers are responsible for goods right up until the point of delivery. The seller is also responsible for the condition of the goods right up until you receive them. When you buy a product online, you have 14 days to return the item for a refund.

If you bought the item in store and realise that the item is faulty or not as described then you can ask to get it refunded, replaced or repaired up to 30 days after you’ve bought them.

Use your credit card

When buying iPhones, Apple watches, Macbooks or Mac computers, I would always recommend using a credit card to buy the items for extra security. If you pay over £100 for something then your credit card company will be jointly liable meaning if anything went wrong you could claim the money back through them.

Could you go to court? 

It took a six-month court battle for Gareth Cross to get his money back for his Apple watch, but if you are prepared for a lengthy process then you can consider it as a last resort.


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