‘Crash For Cash’ Hotspots. Where Are You Most At Risk?

‘Crash For Cash’ Hotspots. Where Are You Most At Risk?

I recently posted a warning regarding the dangerous car crash scam going around. The terrible scam targets women with children and elderly drivers. You can read the full details of what to look out for here.

Now the top hotspots have been revealed where drivers are most at risk of being involved in the dangerous scam.

There were over 3,000 organised crash for cash claimants last year which is just ridiculous, so remember to be vigilant when people are flashing you out at junctions because there may just be a motive in somebody’s kind gesture.

  • 1: Birmingham
  • 2: North London
  • 3: East London
  • 4: Leeds
  • 5: Harrow
  • 6: North West London
  • 7: Bradford
  • 8: Luton
  • 9: Coventry
  • 10: Oldham

Top tips to minimise your chances of being involved in the flash for cash scam:

Aviva have put together some safety tips for motorists to practice to help them stay safe.

  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front.
  • Fraudsters target roundabouts and slip roads to induce accidents. Be especially vigilant in these areas, allowing plenty of space.
  • There are frequently two cars involved in inducing an accident – the car directly in front and the car in front of that car as well. Both may drive erratically.
  • Check the brake lights. A common trait in many vehicles involved in crash for cash is the failure of the vehicle’s brake lights.
  • Is the car in front moving particularly slowly or is it slowing down and speeding up for no apparent reason? If the driver in front is focusing on the back of the vehicle, that could be a sign they are looking for an opportunity to induce an accident.

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