Credit Card Cash Back And Rewards Benefits

Credit Card Cash Back And Rewards Benefits

The idea behind credit card rewards is simple, the cards pay you for using them and some of them even give you cash back. The reason the cards are giving out such generous rewards is to encourage spending in which both you and the retailer will get charged interest for.


These cards are a great choice for people who always pay back their credit card bills on time each month, before the interest period kicks in because it means you are getting something back for spending. However if you struggle to pay the debt off each month, it would be much more beneficial for you to look into a card that offers a cheap interest rate to help keep your bills down.


Most reward cards offer incentives such as free flights or electronic goods for you to sign up to the card. If you shop at Sainsburys then the Nectar Bonus Credit Card is a good example. This card gives you a slight boost on the nectar points you earn when shopping there. You’ll also get 18 months 0% on spending so you won’t have to repay the full balance each month. I like this particular rewards scheme because you can redeem the points with other retailers in the Nectar scheme such as eBay, Argos, PizzaExpress or even Eurostar!

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