Crowdbirthing, new mothers taking up to 8 into delivery suite!

Crowdbirthing, new mothers taking up to 8 into delivery suite!

There seems to be a new craze going around which sees expectant mothers take up to EIGHT people into the delivery suite with them!

It sounds a bit ridiculous but a survey of 2,000 mothers has discovered that expectant mothers in their twenties or teens are taking an average of eight people into the delivery room with them!

The survey was conducted by a website called Channel Mum and they also found that women now aged in their sixties only typically had their partner and a midwife in with them and people in their fifties typically had three people and included their mothers.

I think now that the younger generation are so used to sharing their whole lives with everyone on social media, it is becoming more normal to want to share the birthing experience too! 

Siobhan Freegard,founder of Channel Mum, told the Daily Mail: ‘Many women feel it is their biggest achievement and so want to share the moment with all of those closest to them. The crowdbirthing phenomenon may not suit everyone but being part of the birth is an honour and privilege which unites friends and family like nothing else.

The research has also revealed that after the Mum’s partner and mother, mothers in law are now the most popular birthing supporter and one in 25 actually chose their own father to be in the delivery room.

However, there could be a serious down side to having so many people in the delivery room! The research is showing that mothers are increasingly refusing to take pain relief in case they are ‘judged’. And sadly, one in five said that they felt that opting for a caesarian would make them feel like they had ‘failed at giving birth’.

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