Customer Service. Who Comes Out The Worst?

Which? have done a poll on customer service from a number of retailers…

You may be surprised at the results!

Which? have compiled the 100 best and the 100 worst companies for their customer services.

Having good customer service is vital in this day and age for a business. If a company does something to lose your trust, you can easily take to social media to have your view heard by millions – which is not what the company wants.

In the top 5 for customer service are…

  1. Lush
  2. First Direct
  3. Lakeland
  4. Body Shop
  5. John Lewis

In the top 5 for the worst customer service are…

  1. Scottish Power
  2. N Power
  3. BT
  4. Talk Talk
  5. Vodafone

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If you have ever had an issue with a company, have complained and not been taking seriously, you can keep pushing that complaint if you feel you need to. If nothing is ever resolved, then it is time to take the complaint to the CEO.

I have a CEO list that you can view here. It includes contact details for all CEO’s of major UK companies.

To see the full list of top and worst companies for customer service, click here…


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