Dairy Milk Released A New Oreo Sandwich Chocolate Bar And It Sounds Delicious

Obsessed with Oreo biscuits and love Dairy Milk too? Cadbury have released a brand new chocolate bar, but it’s not like their usual chocolate collab.

Dairy milk are known for their kooky collaborations with brands including Crunchie, Ritz, and Daim, and have formerly collaborated with Oreo on numerous occasions.

But their new chocolate bar is for the real Oreo lovers, it’s not their standard collab bar featuring yummy little pieces of biscuit, this one is more like a delicious biscuity sandwich.

Think whole Oreo biscuits and cream with Cadbury milk chocolate sandwiched in between.

It’s every Oreo lovers dream.

You will be able to find the scrumptious new bars from February this year priced at £1.49.

Oreo/ The Sun

If you prefer a share bag though, why not try Cadbury’s new Oreo bites?

These bags are filled with tasty little pieces of creamy Oreo surrounded by classic Dairy Milk. Don’t they just sound amazing?

The packs will also hit the shelves this February and will be priced at around £1.99 for a bag.

So whether you’re a chocolate sharer, or just can’t get enough of the delicious dairy milk taste, you’re going to love these new Dairy Milk Oreo products!


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