Dairylea Have A New Cheese Snack Box & It Includes Oreo’s

Our childhood cheesy favourite Dairylea has released a new snack box and it features our favourite American biscuit brand!

We’re used to our Dairylea snack boxes paired with crackers, but now the brand have released a new treat, and it includes a sweet twist in the form of Oreo’s.

Sweet and savoury snacks have become highly popular with shoppers over the past couple of years, and Mondelez International have mixed up their classic cheese and cracker combo keeping up with the innovative new flavours people are craving.

The new Snackers will feature both sweet and savoury treats which will be perfect for little after school snacks.

We weren’t sure about mixing cheese and chocolate at first, but we think our kids are going to love them!

Do you think you’ll be giving the new creation a go?

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