Dealing With Damp In Your Property

Are you fed up with dealing with damp in your property?

How should you tackle it to help minimise it?

My first home was riddled with damp, not only does it look awful but it can make you ill. My son had Asthma, I can’t be sure that the damp made it worse but I’m sure it wouldn’t have helped.

What does damp look like?

Damp often appears on your ceilings and/or walls. It may look and feel damp to touch or look like black speckles on the surface.

Can damp make you ill?
It can give you breathing difficulties and skin problems. Children, elderly, people with certain allergies and asthma will be more prone to becoming ill because of the damp. It won’t kill you but it is still not good for you.

What is damp and where does it come from?

Damp occurs when there is too much moisture in the air and it creates mould which is the speckles you can see. The speckled mould releases spores which is what is bad for your health.

If there is a structural problem with your property then you will get water leak into the property.

I wouldn’t know who to contact to help?!

If you are experiencing damp in your property then get intouch with you landlord, letting agency or housing association who will help you get rid of the problem. Make sure you let them know as soon as you see any damp problems in your property because it is easier to manage if it’s caught early.

If you aren’t taken seriously about the damp problem, get intouch with your local environmental health department who can force your landlord, letting agency or housing association to sort out the damp problem.

Is there anything I can do to keep damp away or prevent it from returning?

Keep air circulating in the property. Make sure you open windows every day to air the property through, even if its only for 10-15 minutes.

Open a window when showering, cooking etc.

Wet clothing on radiators are a huge cause of damp. I now use a Dri Buddi which dry clothes faster and are safer to use if you leave a window slightly ajar when in operation. They can be a bit pricey at full price but Argos often sell them for half price so it’s worth checking back.


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