Deleting this one app can give you up to 20% more battery life.

Deleting this one app can give you up to 20% more battery life.

If you have an Android phone you may get annoyed at the speed in which the battery runs out! Lots of you probably struggle getting a full day out of your battery life and I’ve now discovered why.

Tests have revealed that by deleting just one particular app, your phone battery could get a boost of up to 20% and the speed of your phone could improve dramatically.

Unfortunately, the app in question isn’t something useless that you won’t miss. In fact it couldn’t have went any worse because in order for Android users to get a high speed long lasting phone, you will need to delete your Facebook app. 

Android Central writer Russell Holly was the first to try and test the boosting trick but has since been backed up by various Redditors and tech writers who wanted to see for themselves. 

 Tests have shown that the separate Facebook Messaging app isn’t as big of a battery drainer so if you do choose battery life over Facebook, it isn’t all bad because you can still keep messenger. 

In one of the tests carried out, the battery life of an Android phone was compared when the Facebook app was installed, and when it was deleted.

Over the same time period, the phone was found to eat through 20% more of the battery life when the Facebook app was installed than when it wasn’t. We may have to go back to the days of opening Facebook in our browsers!

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