Delivering Christmas To Sinead

Yesterday, I was delivering Christmas to Sinead Legge after she won our first ‘Win Christmas’ competition.

Sinead won £1500 worth of toys for Christmas for 2015…

Sinead has two children aged 1 and 3, so they are going to be having a fab Christmas this year.

This year, Sinead and her fiance, Paul, have been saving for their wedding which is happening early next year. Winning Christmas has been a welcome surprise for Sinead and Paul. 

I flew to Ireland to meet Sinead and deliver all of her prizes. We were met by a photographer from a local newspaper and Sinead was snapped opening all of the boxes of prizes I had brought for her.

We have something even bigger and better coming next week… Make sure you check back to find out what it is…

See below for the videos and photos…
















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