Desperate for a New Car? But Cant get Finance?

Are you on the hunt for a New Car in 2015? – Check out Getmecarfinance who will offer you a quote whatever your circumstances.

Get Me Car Finance are a specialist car finance company that guarantee car finance to any individual despite their financial background, no matter what the circumstance.

Whether you have been refused car credit elsewhere due to CCJ’s, Poor Credit History, Disability, Self Employment or any other reason, it doesn’t matter to us. This is because we underwrite our own car finance packages and can confidently say we are No1 for car credit approval in the UK. We do not rely on other financial institutions decisions as we lend our own money and we lend to every applicant

At Getmecarfinance you simply fill in the application form online and it will come back and tell you if and how much you will be eligible for.


You then go into your account and put in all the details of the car you are looking for and the guys at getmecarfinance will send you quotes to your inbox that you can accept of reject, its all totally up to you.

CLICK HERE to visit Getmecarfinance now and fill in the form.

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