Did you follow these baby naming rules with your children?

Did you follow these baby naming rules with your children?

I know full well that choosing a baby name is difficult enough without having ‘rules’ to abide by. But apparently there is now such thing as a baby naming rule list!

I seen this list making its way around social media yesterday, but I can’t say I had any of these in mind when naming my own children.

I have even broken the rule as my children have similar sounding names.

This new parenting rules were created by Suzi Catchpole in her post for Essential Baby.
DON’T duplicate first initials

Apparently we need to stay away from naming our children with the same initials, i.e Lisa, Luke, Louis ect.

DON”T pick rhyming names

If you already have a child called Hayley …. Kayleigh is a big no no.

DON’T use similar sounds

Kelly and Kendall would be breaking the rules.

DO end in different sounds

Make sure your names all have a different ring at the end.

DO stay consistent in your style.

Make sure all of your children’s names have similar styles. I.e they could all be vintage, or all modern.

DON’T have a running theme

Avoid themes, like flowers, characters or seasons.

Will you be taking note of these rules when naming your next children?
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