Did you know you can make cash buying unclaimed baggage?

Did you know you can make cash buying unclaimed baggage?

It may sound ridiculous, but there is big money to be made from buying unclaimed baggage. I can’t say I’ve ever done it myself but it is definitely a thing!

There are hundreds of thousands of lost luggage cases that go missing every year and are never reclaimed. They don’t just disappear into thin air believe it or not, they are auctioned off in auction houses.

How it works 

British Airways tend to lose the most luggage, they send them to the auction house in South West London, although there are plenty others around the country. Here they hold an auction every Tuesday so the public can bid on the suitcases. You can go down the day before to take a look at the suitcases and decide which ones you’d like to bid on.

You don’t actually get to see what is inside the suitcases you can only guess so It’s definitely a bit of a risk. The chances are the posher the case, the better the contents.

How do you make money from it?

People generally make money this way by selling the contents on eBay. For example there may be a phone, laptop or iPad in there and you could make double the amount you paid for the case.

A good idea would be to go home and search the web to find out how much the case itself is retailing for in store, that’ll give you a good starting point on how much to bid.

Where are these auction houses?

Greasby’s Auction London, 211 Longley Road Tooting London SW17 9LG (British Airways)

Wellers Auctioneers (Gatwick)

Hertfordshire Auctions (Luton Airport)

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