Did you know you could make £1,000 from your old tax disc?

Did you know you could make £1,000 from your old tax disc?

As we all know tax discs are now a thing of the past and it is calculated through an electronic system.

However, if you haven’t already thrown away your tax disc then don’t! You may think It’s nothing but a useless piece of paper now, however experts are saying that they could be worth a fortune in the future.

There are lots of people who collect tax discs believe it or not. One recently went for £810!

Now that no more discs are being produced, their value will go up in worth the same way old stamps.

The most sought after discs are those with typos.

In 1954 the Government reprinted tax discs using new artwork – but printed “1953” on them by mistake. Instead of recalling them, it printed a black rectangle over the “3”.

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More recently, the DVLA automatically sent out discs dated “30 March” as opposed to the end of the month on the 31st. These are the biggest money makers.

Collectors get most excited about the first and last items made, so your most recent tax disc will be of good value.

If you have a disc that didn’t have perforated paper around it, you should definitely keep hold of it as It’s more rare. The DVLA ran out of perforated paper as the tax discs came to the end, so a few lucky people received non-perforated tax discs in the last year or so. 

Nobody can say for definite how much the tax discs will go for but experts have apparently predicted £1,000 for certain kinds.

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