Diesel pumps are in danger of running dry!

Diesel pumps are in danger of running dry!

The RAC Foundation has announced that Diesel pumps are in danger of running dry due to the growing dependence of foreign fuel.

According to the motoring research group the diesel demand has been growing rapidly over the years but now the UK refineries are struggling to cope.

The BBC has reported: ‘The RACF said that, at this rate, diesel would be four times more popular than petrol by 2030. Yet we consume twice as much diesel as we produce, and that growing reliance on countries including Russia and India to supply the fuel could leave motorists “at the mercy of the global market” in future, the foundation said.’

RACF Director Steve Gooding told the BBC, ‘Even if we are not in conflict with those countries that control the taps, they might simply decide they need more of what they produce for their own markets.’

The BBC’s advice for reducing emissions from your diesel car:

  • Don’t accelerate unnecessarily
  • Get your car serviced regularly
  • Turn your engine off if you are stationary for more than one minute
  • Stick to the speed limits, especially on the motorway
  • Check your car’s levels of urea (ammonia used to trap NOx)
  • Be very careful buying any retrofit solutions – none are fit for purpose according to Transport & Environment

CLICK HERE to read more over on the BBC.

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