Discontinued foods that need to make a comeback!

Discontinued foods that need to make a comeback!

I was reading an article yesterday about a woman who makes a living out of selling discontinued food and drinks online, and apparently you can earn quite the killing! So it got me thinking about all of the old foods that I wish would make a comeback! Can you remember any of these?
Turkey Twizzlers!

Turkey Twizzlers were the best part of school dinners until Jamie Oliver decided to get rid of them because of the fat content. Bernard Matthews tried to put their name on a healthier version called ‘Oliver Twists’ but they never took of!

turkey twizzlers

Doritos 3D’s 

3D Doritos didn’t seem to last very long but they were a great invention! I definitley wouldn’t be against these bad boys making  a comeback.

3d doritos


I absolutely loved the flake with the white chocolate inside it tasted like an absolute dream! I have no idea why they discontinued this but it was definitely a crime to do so.


Sunny Delight

The original Sunny Delight contained 5% juice and absolutely no goodness whatsoever. In ’09, the brand relaunched as a 70% fruit juice drink with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. Naturally, the world revolted against this unnatural naturalness, and in 2010 it was changed again to contain only 15% fruit juice. Still, nothing compares to the original. If it’s not going to turn me orange, I don’t want it.


Bubble Tape

Bubble tape was my go to sweet from the tuck shop! Did anyone else try and eat these all in one go.

bubble tape

Nestle Secret

I remember this being my favourite chocolate bar when I was a child. I’d love this to make a come back.

Nestle Secret

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  1. Omg, you are the only other person I know who remembers the Secret bar! It was these, Pizza flavoured Walers and cherry pips….my go to sweeties on a friday! lol

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