Discount Food Shop Is Here To Stay

Discount Food Shop Is Here To Stay

At this discount shop, food items can cost as little as 10 pence, and it looks like the shop is here to stay. In their first week, they had thousands of customers wanting items for 10p. The most expensive item the shop sell costs just 70p. They also run out of stock in their first week, as people can’t get enough of their favourite foods at a fraction of the normal price.

The store is called “Niftie’s” and is located in Dover, Kent and is owned by Nathaniel and Bethany Richards. They think that their store could become permanent after getting more cheap stock.

Nathaniel, 25, said: “It went better than we were expecting.

“We sold £150 of food in the first day. It’s been going absolutely perfect, we couldn’t have asked for a better start.”

“I didn’t realise how much this would escalate.

“Our mission is to tackle food poverty in Dover by giving people access to essential food items, such as tinned and dry goods and fresh ingredients, at dramatically reduced prices.

“Nifties’ prices range from 10p to 70p and we’re easily the cheapest option when compared to supermarkets, grocery stores and wholesalers.

“Our approach is really very simple; we purchase reduced products, such as short-dated or damaged items from supermarkets and other stores, and pass these savings on to customers.

“These products are still within their use-by dates, so they are perfectly edible.

“All our profits are reinvested in stock and go towards supporting further price reductions, so that people can afford to feed themselves.”

The has received praise from the local residents, as well as cash donations and volunteers.

They also offer a delivery service, for those who can’t get to the shop. There is a delivery cost of £1 from doer residents and £2.50 for the rest of the district.

The pair started to tackle food poverty, but they are also reducing wastage by collecting other store’s goods that would have been thrown away and that can still sold, then selling them at a fraction of the price.

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