Do you have a funeral plan?

Do you have a funeral plan?

Sorry for the morbid subject but it’s something we need to think about.

I haven’t thought about arranging a funeral plan until recently. I’m 28 and like to think I have a lot of life left in me yet. I suffer from a heart condition though and I am always collapsing so realistically I should have one in place.

After losing a close relative recently I found out just how expensive funerals are. Just Over £5000 is the price of a typical funeral and if they didn’t have a funeral plan in place it could have been very expensive for us.

This has got myself and other family members thinking about sorting out a pre-paid funeral plan incase anything should happen.

I hate the thought of something happening to me later on and my children being left with a £5000 bill.

After some research, it seems there are a few popular funeral plans and a one to suit most budgets. It does still seem a bit pricey to me but knowing that my funeral would be sorted and paid for makes it a little easier.

You can choose to pay monthly payments on most plans which will help spread the cost for you.

The following websites seem to be very popular for funeral plans

There are many more out there on the market, including from local companies so it may be worth checking out your local high street.

I apologise for such a morbid post but I hope it helps you arrange future plans and take the stress of your child or other family members.

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