Do You Have Any Plugs Like This?

Do you have any plugs like this?

If you do, stop using them immediately!

I have heard this is what a lot of the hover board plugs look like, an easy indicator that your hover boards will be one of the dangerous ones out there (although it could still be unsafe even if the plug doesn’t look like this)

For a number of reasons, plugs like this are illegal in the UK. 

First off there is no fuse fitted to the plug which offers no protection against shorting out or overheating.

Secondly the pins are too close to the outer case which could possibly electrocute you if removing from a socket.

Finally you can see how the earth pin is partially sheathed (the top one) this offers next to no earth connection at all.

These plugs come with a CE Mark on them which is not any sign of conformity to the British electrical regulations, all plugs being used in Britain must have the British Standards Mark BS1363 printed on them.

If you have any electricals with this kind of plug then please stop using immediately and contact the manufacturer for advice. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.08.43

Advice from Jim Perry.


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