Do You Have Mobile Phone Insurance?

Do you have mobile phone insurance?

I didn’t until lately, it proved costly!

Did you know 61% of mobile phone claims are for damage?

The first time I had mobile phone insurance was when I was young and I took it out through Carphone Warehouse when I get my first contract phone with them. I was out one weekend, had a bit too much to drink, woke up the next morning and my phone wasn’t anywhere to be found. My guess was I either lost it or it was stolen when I was out.

I reported it to the police and put my claim in with Carphone Warehouse to get a replacement. A few weeks later I received a letter from them and was told there wasn’t enough evidence to prove my phone had been lost or stolen so they wouldn’t be paying out. I was so angry, yes it was my own fault my phone was gone but I had been paying my insurance to cover this and they refused to pay out. 

I have never been back to Carphone Warehouse since and have always avoided mobile phone insurance because I believed it was a rip off after my previous experience.

Even when I had an iPhone, I found you could just look at them and they would break! I lost count of how many times I had to replace my iPhone. Smashed screen, water damage, buttons suddenly stopping working etc…

Then I changed my phone to a Sony Xperia Z3 and I had no trouble with it at all. I dropped it a number of times and it even survived being dropped in the bath a number of times because of it’s water proof feature! I thought the phone was pretty much indestructible…

However, I have a heart problem and it can cause me to collapse at times. I got out of bed one morning and went to wake my daughter up and on the way out of her bedroom I collapsed with my phone in my hand. When I came round, my poor phone was smashed on the floor. Apparently it had hit the corner of the radiator as I fell. 

It wasn’t able to be fixed as it was that badly damaged. I was on contract with o2 by this time and I spoke to them and there was nothing they could do because I had no insurance. 

My options were buy a cheap phone and make do for the rest of my contract until I could upgrade or pay off my contract early and get a new phone. 

I decided I would have to pay off my contract early and get the new phone as I update my website and Facebook page on the go so I needed a decent phone. 

This made me learn my lesson about mobile phone insurance. I had a bad experience with Carphone warehouse but I have had to realise not all insurance policies are there to rip you off.

I have been looking into lots of different mobile phone insurance policies lately since I got my new Sony Xperia Z3+ (amazing phone btw, highly recommend it!) and the best company I have found is ‘Protect Your Bubble’ 

They seem to be one of the cheapest around, cover pretty much everything in their T&C’s and you can also get a discount if you cover more than one item with them. 

If you don’t have mobile phone insurance yet, see how cheap you can get it from Protect Your Bubble by clicking here…

Or, sign up here for their family bundle where you can insure 4 items from £12.99! 

With the family bundle I was able to insure 3 mobile phones and an ipad for only £12.99 a month!

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