Do You Need A Guarantor To Rent A House? Possibly Not?

Do You Need A Guarantor To Rent A House? Possibly Not?

A guarantor is someone who can cover payments you may fall behind on or miss when you’re in financial difficulty.

Do you have a bad credit score but still want to rent a house? Can you not find someone to be a guarantor? Some letting agencies don’t ask for a guarantor. So, If you can’t get someone to be a guarantor, you should try to find a letting agency that would be willing to allow you to rent a house without a guarantor.

However, if you can’t find somewhere to let you rent a house without a guarantor, try to contact a private landlord and deal with them directly. Dealing with private landlords could help you avoid the problems of trying to get a guarantor.

A guarantor has to be a person you know and trust over the age of 18 with a good credit score and needs to be a UK homeowner or have a strong credit history.

If you’ve been made homeless there are alternatives to renting a home by yourself. The council should help you find somewhere to live if you are being taken out of your home. if you do not like where they let you live you can talk to the Housing Aid Centre or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to move you.

Another problem with renting houses are the other costs, such as estate agent fees, holding deposits, rent in advance and getting a guarantor. If you can’t afford to pay all of these other cost as well as the rent, local charities and councils have set up ‘guarantee rent schemes’ and ‘bond schemes’ which can help you with the costs of moving into your new home but there are strict rules and guidelines surrounding these so get intouch with your local council to see if you qualify.

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