Do you think your boss is underpaying you? Know your rights.

Do you think your boss is underpaying you? Know your rights.

The national minimum wage is set to rise next year, but we know that some employers still try and avoid paying their workers the full amount.

David Cameron has now announced that employers avoiding paying their staff the new national minimum wage could be fined up to £20,000.

The Mirror have reported that the Government are also planning on beefing up its enforcement teams to disqualify guilty bosses from running companies.

The Mirror says: ‘Currently a firm is fined 100% of arrears for non-payment of the minimum wage but that will double to 200% when the new living wage comes into force. The maximum is expected to be £20,000.’

Bosses can legally pay workers the minimum wage. That’s £6.70 if you’re over 21, £5.13 if you’re 18-21 and £3.79 if you’re under 18.

Remember that everyone is entitled to a payslip, so if your employer doesn’t automatically give you one, you are within your rights to ask until they do. You’ll then be ale to see how much you are being paid and how much you are getting taxed which will enable you to make sure everything is in check.

If you think your boss may not be paying you correctly then you can call the free and confidential Pay and work rights helpline on 0800 917 2368.

CLICK HERE for more information on The Mirror.


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