Do you use your phone in bed? Here’s why you shouldn’t!

Do you use your phone in bed? Here’s why you shouldn’t!

How many of you are guilty of pulling your phones out as soon as you get into bed? Lots of people browse the web until the early hours once they hit the hay, but did you know how bad it is for your brain?

Researchers have looked into the sleep patterns of 9,846 teenagers aged 16 to 19 in Norway and the results have proven something called a ‘dose-response relationship.’

‘Basically, they discovered that using your phone before bed can make you a much higher risk of sleeplessness. So, if you were to use your phone for an hour between 11pm and midnight, your brain becomes stimulated and you’ll find that in future, even if you’re not on Facebook until the early hours, you’ll still have problems getting asleep.’

The research also concluded that the blue light emitted by all LED screens can interfere with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in the brain.

‘There are probably multiple pathways explaining the associations between sleep and electronic devices. Media use may directly affect sleep by replacing it due to its time-consuming nature, or may interfere with sleep through increased psychophysiological arousal.’

The best thing for you to do once you go to bed is to read a book or try and switch off in order to help your body clock out.

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